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It was at a golf competition at the Sun City golf course and Sam Jones challenged Tiger to a round of golf.

"Go play with yourself" said Tiger

"No I wanna play with you", said Sam

"Okay fine but I only play for money", said Tiger

"How much? Is $20,000 enough?", said Sam

"Are we talking dollars?", said Tiger

"If that's what you want", said Sam

This was going to be easy money thought Tiger.

"On one condition", said Sam, "We play Gotcha on two holes".

"Sure", said Tiger

18 holes later Tiger wasn't happy. He was making out a check for $20,000.

"What happened", said the other pros.

"Well I was standing on the first hole my legs nicely spread about to send the ball to Mars when this idiot sticks his hand through my legs squeezes my nuts and shouts GOTCHA.", says Tiger

"So why did you loose", said the pros

"Do you know what its like trying to play 18 holes of golf waiting for the second GOTCHA?"