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My Friend Muff & OU

One day down in Athens, Ohio we had several of us partying and getting drunk; well some of us knew that our friend Muff had to go to work the next morning back in Columbus, so we decided to set the alarm early and showing a time where he would think he was running late. We then started marking his face with a black sharpie marker and made some swastikas and other symbols, since he was past out.

Well the alarm went off and we yelled our friends name out to wake him up; he jumped up and saw that he was running late and went into the bathroom to freshen up. He then saw his face all marked up and was pissed; he tried to clean it off but then he said to us all that we were assholes and ran out of the dorm room. The guys who road down with him chased after him telling him that he didn’t have to go yet and that it was a joke, but being made, he left anyways.

While my friend Muff was driving back to Columbus, he was pulled over for speeding; having a bad morning already, and to make things worse, the police officer was a black man, lol. The officer saw his faced marked up and ask for him to step out of the vehicle and started asking him several questions and then gave several tests… The officer seeing that he was humiliated and that he past the tests [HOW :-)] and let him go!!! Good old OU and I know there are several other stories that need to be told, but that might come later… Happy trails my friend…